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Caution: CVA Accura MR-X

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Caution: CVA Accura MR-X Empty Caution: CVA Accura MR-X

Post by FrontierGander Thu 13 Jan - 20:57

Piss poor quality on the .45cal MR-X ( I can not comment on the 50cal )

Seems that a lot of them that are stocked, are built off center, heavy trigger pulls even after adjusting them, bores are coming with 2 difference sizes in the SAME barrel. Forearms are off center badly due to the barrel literally built right up against the left side of the frame. Could possibly even have the under lugs welded off center. This was the first CVA I've ordered in years for a custom and had to send the first one back. The replacement came with a better trigger " barely " and all the other problems remain the same. The scope mounts that come on them, should be thrown away, very messy job on durasights part!
Caution: CVA Accura MR-X 268299099-10158981043047875-1092421261748190122-n
Caution: CVA Accura MR-X 269697260-10158980257957875-6507187312394103224-n
Caution: CVA Accura MR-X 268084754-10158981045567875-335149249162413327-n
Caution: CVA Accura MR-X 269697203-10158980400397875-3894183172141800645-n
Caution: CVA Accura MR-X 268986440-10158981045877875-3453770751840693467-n

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